Handicap betting

Handicap betting began to be more popular. In the case of handicap betting Odds are constantly moving. It is said that it is a system of gamblers that can make equal to every football team. It is called fair game. It is a fair game or try to create the most fair style. By increasing the odds, will try not to have any team that is superior or inferior. Set odds Football odds View from teams that have better qualities, such as players that are better than statistics, better form of play in the highest range, environment, field, weather conditions, list of players before racing. And various factors come in as well The odds are equal, not the same, depending on what team meets with the team, and in this way, the results of the match can change every second. Which looks more exciting and fun

Describe the odds for football prices. The price of the ball will be divided into 2 parts: per ball, such as PSC, half-ball, half-draw, draw. And another thing is to pay money (water), such as -10, +10, -5

Full ball extension, such as one half ball, two half balls, regardless of the result, will come out, then take the price to continue to combine, and then think which side scored more, then win, such as South Korea, towards the half of the Thai national team, the result Came 1-1, but South Korea continued to be half-1-1.5. The Thai national team would win because South Korea continued to give the half-ball or the Chinese national team to one ball for Vietnam. But a 2-1 win over the Chinese national team for the first child would become a 2-2 draw would be enough interest to no one.

In the event that the two teams have not yet had a disadvantage Therefore adding more money in order to create opportunities for both parties, so as to prevent the gambler from farther to bet on one side too much. And for fun, get together every minute There are many types of money extensions to be requested in The next article, anyway, continue to follow.

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